SAP Integration

NCR Solutions is committed to a variety of services with a special focus on designing and implementing flexible enterprise solutions that automate activities and integrate industry-best business processes across utility organizations. Through the effective configuration of SAP products, we enable a seamless flow of data across entire organizations, and unlock the tremendous potential of teams and information.
This helps our clients achieve:

1. The use of consultants with in-depth industry experience, systems integration knowledge and SAP skills.

2. Structured project preparation and mobilization including a complete suite of tools necessary to execute projects and ensure that they are delivered during pre-implementation and preparation phases.

3. Early transfer of SAP software knowledge and skills to client project teams. Our training, delivered by a seasoned set of experts, includes client team members learning hands-on system configuration and development work.

4. No modifications of SAP software, which ensures avoidance of unwanted changes as well as innovative and creative ways to configure standard functionality.

5. Pre-configured solution components (documentation, design concepts and architecture) that enable rapid progress in the blueprint phase of projects.

6. Use of user scenario maps in the blueprint and testing phases to pragmatically define functionality, which is supported by SAP. We have developed a complete business scenario and process repository designed around SAP, which represents industry best practices, usability and business integration.

7. Key Change Management Principles such as Executive ownership, effective communication, understanding roles and responsibilities within the new environment and management of effective knowledge transfer strategies are built into our implementation methodology.

8. A creative and innovative approach to resolving technical and functional issues during projects. Problem-solving experience is critical during every phase of a project. We identify and resolve issues and mitigate risks right from the design phase through configuration, integration, conversion, parallel run and cutover.