Portal & Internet Self Service

Portal & Internet Self Service

We leverage the web capabilities of SAP’s customer care system to allow customers to access account information and complete transactions via the web. This new level of service delivers convenience to customers and greater efficiencies to customer service operations as call volume is reduced.

1. SAP enables convenient web access to internal and external applications, business content and services with the mySAP portals for employees, business partners and customers.

2. The system is seamlessly integrated, which guarantees that when customers initiate activity on their accounts, they automatically trigger immediate and consistent action, resulting in guaranteed service commitments.

3. The software accesses, interprets and propagates all relevant data for managing customer relationships, whether they are maintained via the Internet, phone or mobile customer touch points.

Several applications of this technology include enabling customers to be on-line rather than stand in line for the payment of bills, or to apply for license renewals and building permits online, for example. Transferring these routine services to SAP enables utilities and governments to re-allocate service personnel dedicated to face-to-face services to other areas of service needs.