Customer Relationship & Billing


SAP’s IS/U CR&B (IS-U/CCS) provides service representatives with all the customer information they need to respond to a call, through seamless integration with other SAP core modules and telephony. This integration supports efficient customer service by streamlining processes and workflows, and by tracking all customer contacts through a centralized, intuitive and customizable user interfaces Key features include:

Front Office. This is a centralized work area designed to deliver the information call center that employees need. Customer information and processes are all accessible through one well-organized screen, consisting of a powerful search area to quickly locate customers and push-button functions logically grouped within tabs. Work groups or even individuals can have a custom configuration of functions within this environment that precisely meets their needs.

Customer Interaction Center. This is a HTML-enabled call center tool that enables more intuitive and convenient use of the SAP system. The CIC brings web-style interaction and display fully into the customer service module, enabling individual workspace customization.

Contract Billing. SAP supports billing for all products and services a utility organization may provide. The system supports both residential and commercial customers, annual consumption billing and periodic billing cycles, as well as support for budget billing and installment plans. SAP’s extensive integration between modules makes billing more efficient, by automatically incorporating results from meter readings, printing bills through Invoicing, and updating customer account information.

Data Finder. The Data finder supports the functioning of SAP’s customer service module. A high-performance search engine, the Data finder is used to identify customers through a wide range of configurable search criteria. For instance, searches are possible by customer name or partial name, address or incomplete information such as house number and/or suburb and key numerics such as customer or social security numbers. Search criteria may be combined in any manner and restricted to objects of interest.