Strategic Consulting

Our Strategic consulting practice specializes in assisting clients to choose and execute strategies for success in regulated and deregulated energy markets. Our consultants draw from a depth of Utility industry and functional experience, with many years of hands-on experience, including:

1. Competitive market design and regulation

2. Strategy and business planning

3. Marketing and sales

4. Risk management and energy trading

5. Metering and billing

6. Mergers and acquisitions

7. IT strategy

8. Hardware and client strategies

9. Infrastructure solutions


Each year brings increasing challenges and risks for utilities as deregulation rolls out and competitive pressures increase, wholesale market volatility rises, mergers and acquisitions activity intensifies and customer price and service expectations grow. NCR Solutions clients recognize that our team offers unmatched experience with a focus on design and implementation of retail strategies and business solutions for competitive electricity markets. Examples of projects carried out for clients include:

1. IT strategy for a gas and electricity utility

2. Competitive solutions for utilities operating in deregulated markets

3. Multi-utility retail strategies for electricity, gas & water utility

4. Business and financial modeling for a utility company acquisition

5. Energy trading strategy and selection of trading software

Winning in the deregulated arena constantly requires new ideas supported by sophisticated business processes and systems. NCR Solutions can help you decide what works best and deliver results that matter.


The NCR Solutions breadth of solutions and services enables us to meet the wide range of challenges presented by our clients. This includes expert advice on hardware configuration and set up, disaster recovery planning, business process outsourcing and infrastructure management.

Our consultants have the experience to empower our clients to take firm control of their IT infrastructure. Our infrastructure management expertise is tailored towards providing security and stability within the IT environment by mitigating the risk of disaster and loss of system capability in today’s critical environment. This not only provides peace of mind, but also ensures that high-cost IT assets are used in an optimal manner through removal of redundancies and system bottlenecks, and by keeping technologically current both in terms of platform and sourcing approach


No implementation project can achieve a strong degree of success without comprehensive and effective training of two equally critical client groups: employees who work directly on projects, and end-users who need to use the system once it’s put into production.

Employees need to understand how the system works so that they can contribute to the design and configuration project phases, ensuring that the final system implementation meets an organization’s needs. On the other hand, end users need to understand how to do their jobs efficiently and effectively while using the new system so that they can serve customers from day one, post implementation. NCR Solutions measures success by how well our clients can use the system, and hence we devote considerable attention to training both these critical audience groups.

In an approach unique to the industry, NCR solutions dedicates the first month of any project to extensive project team training, an innovative approach that ensures that project team members acquire the skills and abilities they need to lead the implementation in a confident and productive manner. By understanding what the new system can do, the project team is better able to design an effective, efficient blueprint for their business that capitalizes on the rich functionality and industry-best practices built into the SAP system. Hence, they are able to critically analyze their current processes, and optimize them prior to implementation.

Furthermore, in a “train-the-trainer” approach, we also teach a sub-group of project team members on how to design training materials and deliver end-user training specific to particular system configurations and business processes, ensuring that business operations continue smoothly once a new system is in place.


The key to effective business transformation is strong communication and targeted training. NCR Solutions approach to business transformation, also commonly known as business change management, relies on a pragmatic and practical approach that ensures tangible results.

During system replacement and optimization projects, business processes undergo extensive redesign. Many processes are automated and new processes are introduced. These changes impact employees job roles as well as their performance measures. Employees must learn new processes, and embrace them so that the organization as a whole benefits fully from the capabilities of the new system, and new industry-best practices being implemented. Business transformation execution typically involves the use of climate surveys, skills assessments, road shows, management workshops and stop-light charts. It is focused on helping employees at all levels understand their new roles and tasks, and incorporates extensive and targeted training.