Office Mate 365

Office Mate 365 for Small and Mid level Companies

If you want to manage a company, the main goal would be to monitor the employee work, employee attendance, employee leave, Pay Slip, Managing a Project and Expenses.

How to Achieve This?

The key for the success can be achieved by Office Mate 365 which is our Cloud based HRMS which is easy to use and it works on Android, Tab, iPad & browsers.

Tracks Employee work hours and tracks employee in and out time.
Leave Management and Payslip generation.
Makes the work of HR easy and Track it.

Office Mate 365

Here is the small overview of Office Mate 365.

Office Mate 365 has a simple and beautiful interface, It is designed to help office Management easily without any Hassle.From Employee Onboard till Resignation


Employee tasks can be managed with ease from creation till completion.

Project Current status can be tracked.So that it can be completed within the stipulated Time Frame .



  • Employees can be assigned to a project

  • Employee Work Type can be Assigned

  • Project Statistics can be monitored

  • Project Cost can be Estimated

  • Can know how many employees are working in a project


  • Employee can know what task he is Assigned for a day

  • Employee Can know his leave Details

  • Employee can Apply leave

  • Employee can know current news of the office


  • Manager can Assign tasks for employee for a day

  • Manager can approve or reject leave applied by employees

  • Can know all the employee details, Task Asssigned and their status

  • Manager can create new employee
Do you own a Office and Requires a software to manage ?

Office Mate 365 Offers a wide range of Features and can manage a Big or Small Firm with ease .

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