Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit POS for Restaurants

If you have a growing restaurant business, the main goal would be to serve the customers faster. The key to Serve Quick will be possible with our Cloud based restaurant POS which is easy to use and it works on Android, Tab, iPad & browser.

Front Office / Order page

Bon Appetit POS has a simple and beautiful interface, It is designed to help you speed up your checkout process. From a customized order selection and responsive UI to make customer order faster.


Bon Appetit POS Dashboard shows the key values in Restaurant such has Total Sales, Active Orders, Completed Orders, Number of Employees on Duty.

Our Bon Appetit POS also has a inbuilt feature which will show the labour Cost according to the employee check in and check out


Using Bon Appetit POS We can keep track of our employee sales, Attendance, Salary, Overtime

  • Manage each shift based on the employees while having a clear accountability of opening cash, sales, refund, other expenses, cash in hand etc

  • Be it a single store, set up your counters, menu, taxes all using admin or manager portal. Monitor your stores with consolidated data of sales, refunds, menu items, taxes

  • Process receipts, refunds, reprints. Get the clear insight of each receipt processed from the menu items to cashier who made the sale

  • Thermal Bill Format for Sales and Kitchen Print | A4 Prints for Reports

  • Simple and an intuitive interface to aid quick, smart and efficient billing to flip across menu items, modifiers, variants and order types, process discounts, send kitchen notes and more

  • Process receipts, refunds, reprints and hold or retrieve a sale with just a swipe. Get the clear insight of each receipt processed from the menu items to cashier who made the sale

  • Smart Billing via Desktop ,Mobile, Tab.

  • User friendly POS System | Works Online

  • Table Service | Takeaway | Home Delivery | Self Service.

  • Report can be Exported to PDF, Excel or Text file Formats

Do you know your Peak hour of sale? Hot sellers? Item based margin? Tax reports? There is more to these. Understand the menu that works for you and make your decision in real time.

Do you own a Restaurant Business?

Bon Appetit Pos Offers a wide range and it is useful for all type of Restaurants .

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